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Finnhook Website Review & Ratings + Finnhook Coupons

Finnhook: Products & Services

FinnHook is a wellness tool that provides massage, acupressure and trigger point therapy anytime, anywhere. This Finnish product is made of birch wood which makes it durable and non-toxic. FinnHook is a versatile tool that can relieve multiple body aches and can be used at home, at workplaces and in other social circles.

You can enjoy using it while watching TV, reading newspapers, listening to radio, or while taking lunch break at work. This product is beneficial for people who suffer from any kind of body pain without the assistance of another and can serve as a supplement to professional massage therapies. There are two kinds of FinnHook: FinnHook classic and FinnHook basic. Both are made from the same high-quality birch but the latter one was built in a more affordable design.

Finnhook: Company Background

Finnhook originally came from Finland, developed by Jukka Heininen about three years ago. He wanted to give people who suffer from body aches a way to massage themselves on their own. He was able to come up with this brilliant idea and eventually made a huge success. Finhook is now being manufactured by Kikoku Oy in Finland but recently, an American Engineer named Dale Niggemann decided to bring it to the US.  The Parent Office is located in Tampere, Finland while the US Office is in Northbrook, IL.

Finnhook: Customer Feedback & Reviews

 The product is sold directly through the website or the product is available on Amazon.  I could only find one review on the product which is listed below from Amazon.  There is also an article in Cross Country Skier Magazine that discusses the use of the product by Catlin Gregg during her recovery from an injury.  The overall vibe of this product is positive.

  • I just love this product FINNHOOK. While it looks like a tame toy, it actually is a very effective tension and pain reliever. You can truly control the amount of pressure you apply since the product is made of wood. Taking deep breaths while you apply the pressure helps.
Finnhook: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

FinnHook is not a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has not rating by the company.  Since the company is based in Finland this makes sense.  FinnHook does have an United States distributor but this company is not a member of the BBB either.  The product is well known in Finnish ski circles and has been featured in Skiing media.  I don't see any awards or other recognition that this company has received at this point in time.

Finnhook: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Finnhook is not a very popular website.  Alexa lists it as about 20,000 globally and does not provide a listing  for the site in the United States.  Its daily views are below 500 per day.  Google's Page Rank lists the site as 1/10.  There are two other websites that link into this website.  Clearly, Finnhook is still building an audience.

Finnhook: Social Media Presence

Finnhook does have a Facebook page with 127 members.  This page is not very busy and some of the comments on the page are in Finnish.  The company also has several YouTube channels to demonstrate its product.  These pages are all in Finnish.  Finnhook does not have a Twitter account or other media accounts I can find.  The company website does not have a blog at this point.

Finnhook: Website Security & Safety

FinnHook uses both firewalls and the latest in SSL encryption to protect personal data that the company accumulates during a sale.  Addresses that are sent to friends of the customer are not stored by the company.  The company does not sell its data to other users.  It does share them with shippers and other companies as needed to complete the sale.  Google's Safe Browsing Tool has found no problems with this site in the last 90 days. 

Finnhook: Pricing & Packages

Pricing for the FinnHook is fairly straigth forward.  There are two models of the product.  I don't really know how to compare these tools to other products.  They are priced much lower than other massage products I can find, but most of these are electronic devices.  Here are the prices:

  • FinnHook Classic:  $49.95
  • FinnHook Basic:  $27.95
Finnhook: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping is usually done through UPS or the US Post Office.  Basic shipping starts at $7.80.  Orders are usually shipped the day of receipt and take about 7 to 14 days to arrive.  Faster shipping times can be arranged.  The company only ships to the United States.  Customers wanting international shipping should contact the main office in Finland.

Finnhook: Payment Methods Accepted

The company accepts in payment four major credit cards.  These are Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  Finnhook does not accept Paypal or similar electronic pay systems.  Debit cards can be used if they connect to one of the credit cards the company accepts.  Cash and money orders are not accepted either at this time.

Finnhook: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The item may be returned for up to 30 days after delivery if it is unopened in the package it was received in.  Customer service should be called to obtain the correct return address and to obtain a return authorization number.  Returns that receive credit have the full amount refunded minus any shipping charges applicable.  Returns for a refund have a 15% restocking fee applied.  Items that are damaged by delivery should be referred to customer service.  Items that are damaged under the company warranty need to be handled as indicated on the paperwork that comes with the items.

Finnhook: Product images & screenshots
Finnhook Coupons
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